The Canadian Supercar That Almost Was

The internet has been great to us ever since it was created. It has given us access to tons of information on just about everything. It has allowed instant communication worldwide and has made our lives a lot easier (Ask anyone who had to do a research paper back in the 80s and they’ll tell you all about their fancy typewriters and all). And hey without the internet we wouldn’t be here right now, looking at cars online and reading up on the many cool facts and specs about them. But what if I told you that the internet killed a supercar? A Canadian supercar at that.

This supercar is none other than the MCV CH4 (Motion Concept Vehicle) and it would have been the first ever Canadian supercar. It was designed by a group of car enthusiasts who built a chassis first and then had a designer design a body that would fit their chassis. The MCV CH4 had a GM sourced 4.6L V8, modified by Jay Lloyds with 2 superchargers and a 5 gear Porsche gearbox. It made 400 horsepower and weighed just under 1,100 kg. The MCV CH4 did 0-100 in 4.5 seconds, keep in mind this is all back in 1998! Most interestingly though was the fact that it was originally designed to run on natural gas. The CH4 was a racecar designed for the street, with the intention and capabilities to be track driven.

“Nobody wanted to invest in hard assets, they wanted to put it in webpages”

MCV CH4 seen at CIAS

Unfortunately, the MCV CH4 never made it to production because of several issues.  MCVs sponsors had dropped out and stopped funding the concept car, the Ministry of Finance had made it difficult for investors to invest in MCV and worse of all it was the beginning of the dot com age and everybody was investing in the World Wide Web, nobody wanted to invest in a startup supercar company. The wanted to invest in the future.

“Nobody wanted to invest in hard assets, they wanted to put it in webpages” – Bob Waddell’s statement as paraphrased by Nicholas Maronese of

Additionally, Bob Waddell’s (Founder of MCV) wife had been diagnosed with cancer around the same time as MCVs downfall. This led Bob Waddell to shut down MCV

Almost 10 years later at the 2017 Canadian International Auto show we had the pleasure of gawking at this car, and its aged incredibly well. The car still manages to drop jaws and get everyone wondering. Unfortunately, the internet killed what could have been Canada’s first supercar, and a very good looking one at that. The world is full of what ifs and could have beens. Maybe there’s still a chance that the MCV will make a renewed comeback? Even if it doesn’t nothing will ever stop us from dreaming.

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*Update: This article has been updated to include Bob Waddell’s (founder of MCV) own opinion as to why he believes that his dream project never reached production.

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