aston martin valkyrie hypercar unveiled

Introducing the Aston Martin Valkyrie

Ladies and gentlemen, car enthusiasts everywhere, the stunning Aston Martin AM-RB001 hypercar finally has a name less reminiscent of a cuddly robot and a little more beastly. And my oh my is it a good name. Introducing the Aston Martin Valkyrie. Yes, it’s called the VALKYRIE! Regardless of how this car performs we want it. And so do you. With a name like that nothing else matters except the fact that you own a lightweight, high power, technologically advanced Aston Martin hypercar that not only looks fantastic but is called the Valkyrie. Not the P1 or the 918 or the Ferrari the Ferrari. Its not a numeric or a name that only a mother could love. This name has meaning and character.

Just say Valkyrie and it rolls off your tongue in a seductive and grizzly way. It makes you jump around like a little kid, or any petrol head adult, hearing a roaring V12 or a rumbling V8 for the first time. It excites you and fills you with ecstasy. We live in a very exciting world full of supercars and hypercars, so much so that they are becoming the norm and the art of naming a car has dwindled. Cars used to have exciting names like the Pagani Huayara and the Zonda, the Jensen Interceptor, the Ferrari Testarossa, any Lamborghini ever and the Lancia Stratos. Aston Martin is keeping in touch with their enthusiast side. Well done Aston Martin, well done.

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